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Survivre avec les loups / Misha (Japanese Title)

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Based on the worldwide best-selling book Survivre avec les loups, Misha tells the “true story” of a young Jewish girl who sets off on a 2 year trek across war torn Europe in search of her parents, picked up and disappeared by the Nazis. The unfortunate thing is that the story is a total fabrication, which was revealed last year shortly before the filmed version was due for release. Looking beyond the lack of veracity of the story, Misha is a sentimental mess designed solely to pull at heartstrings while never quite figuring out what it has to say about survival, the terrible legacy of Nazi Germany, anti-Semitism or the nature of innocence in the face of atrocity. Mathilde Goffart as Misha is creditable early on in the film as she witnesses uncomprehendingly this dark history unfolding. But as she wanders the woods, cared for by wolves, descending into hunger, madness and illness she comes off as an uncomfortable parody of a holocaust victim rather than the heroic symbol of survival.


Originally published in EL Magazine, May 2009


Written by Nicholas Vroman

May 1, 2009 at 12:02 am

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