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Dotei Horoki / 童貞放浪記

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Yuichi Konuma hit the scene in 2006 with his hilarious outing of otaku culture, Maid in Akiba. His second feature, Dotei Horoki, is another smartly directed low-budget foray into male sub-culture, this time the phenomena of the 30 year-old virgin. Hiroshi Yamamoto is certainly up for the task, riding the delicate line between pathos and just plain creepiness. Playing a terminally shy University of Tokyo professor, his quest takes him from bleak strip club to attempted romance and relationship with a former student. Love and dating in Japan have rarely been portrayed with such funny and uncomfortable intimacy.  Komuna’s casting coup though is with Megumi Kaguarazaka, the object of Yamamoto’s quest. Kagurazaka is a mega-star of the gravure idol scene. The busty beauty is better known for her scantily clad spreads in magazines and videos. Not only does she have otaku cache but she proves herself a sensitive and intuitive actress. Shot on video, Dotei Horoki, shows its seams a little, but the smart characterizations, script and direction make up for it.


Originally published in EL Magazine, August 2009


Written by Nicholas Vroman

August 1, 2009 at 12:45 am

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