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Lost Crime – Senkou / ロストクライム -閃光

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Director Shunya Ito has had a long but sparse career beginning with 1970s pinku outings to his 1985 award-winning portrait of an Alzheimer’s victim, Gray Sunset. He turns to a new genre with Lost Crime. Building a fiction around a real heist, the unsolved 300 million yen robbery that captivated Japan in 1968, Lost Crime posits a possible trajectory and resolution.  Couched as a cop buddy movie, Lost Crime begins 34 years later with the finding of a dead body floating in the Sumida River. A web of connections lead a pair of detectives to a group of former student revolutionaries and a massive cover-up by the Tokyo police department. The plot has enough twists and turns, great flashback scenes evoking the youthful fervor of the 60s, a wonderful and seasoned set of character actors and an engaging storyline. Eiji Okuda is great as a sort of Japanese Columbo, hard-boiled and endearing at the same time. However, Dai Watanabe as his young and green sidekick derails the whole affair with his incessant mugging and unbearably overblown emotionalizing.


Written by Nicholas Vroman

June 1, 2010 at 1:07 am

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