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Toku no Sora / 遠くの空 / Distant Sky

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From his roots in commercials, music videos and phone delivered content, director Haruo Inoue exhibits a workman-like facility with quick and easily digestible images and sure, though simplistic way with putting a story together. The wholly predictable Toku no Sora is a case in point.  With a trio of fine actors, Inoue dabbles in a story of the lives of Korean/Japanese, focusing not on the usual tales of xenophobia and repression but on a simple melodrama of uprooted lives. The story involves young office worker (Rina Uchimaya) developing what on the surface appears to be a May-September romance with her new boss (Eung-su Kim).  As her boss’s back-story of being a young student protester and the tragic split-up of him and his young love during the Gwangju incident of 1980. Of course, the third party in this story is Rina’s mother (Fukimi Kuroda), who, as it finally turns out, is none other than her boss’s ex. Painful reconciliation follows (accompanied by a painfully bad soundtrack) and a bittersweet ending is had by all.

Published in EL Magazine, September 2010


Written by Nicholas Vroman

September 1, 2010 at 1:57 am

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