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Nanatsu made wa kami no uchi / 七つまでは神のうち / Vanished: Age 7

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Director Miyake Ryuuta, who’s main claim to fame is some unnumbered sequel to the Ju-on series, continues his inept explorations of J-horror with Nanatsu made wa kami no uchi.  The film wades through a host of tired horror film signifiers driven by endless annoying MacGuffins. The abusively incoherent story revolves around a trio teenage girls, each suffering interior and exterior torments that ultimately lead to their demises – one by immolation, one by impalement and the last by being buried alive. Model Kyoko Hinami, wielding an expression of continual bewilderment and the occasional terror makes a sad acting debut as one of the threesome. The reasons for their terrible and terribly shot demises are that they were all a party to the accidental death of a 4th girl when they were little. Their crime? They never fessed up. Oh, and they are now teenage girls, which is crime enough for most horror movies. A grieving parents revenge was never so clichéd. And I’m still wondering about the unexplained charred corpse in the cab of the pickup.


Originally published in EL Magazine, August 2011.

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