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2 by Satoko Yokohama

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Since her brilliant 2009 breakthrough feature, Bare Essence of Life / Ultra Miracle Love Story, Satoko Yokohama’s been missing from the big screen. A pair of recent short films shows what she’s been up to. Her 2010 Granny Girl (Obachan onna no ko) features the ever brilliant Yoshimi Nozaki – the star of Yokohama’s feature debut German + Ame – cutting up the scenery with a completely insane performance. Insane in a good way. In Granny Girl, she plays the usual Yokohama heroine, slightly batty and falling off the edge. She gives the role a manic gusto as she chases cats in an urban tale of people just hanging on and going crazy at the same time. Yokohama’s 2011 Midnight Jump (Mayonaka kara tobiutsure) shows a new more symbolic surrealistic direction. In this film a woman wields a magic box, part kinetoscope, part hand organ. Her own wandering through the landscape intersects with the goings-on within the box – a Vigo-esqe vignette amongst a group of men. Yokohama continues to amaze with her totally original ideas on moviemaking.

Originally published in EL Magazine, October 2011.

Written by Nicholas Vroman

November 1, 2011 at 5:35 am

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