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Salvage Mice / サルバージ マイス

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Director Ryuta Tasaki, who’s made a career of directing Power Rangers and Komen Rider films strikes out with his new chopsocky, Salvage Mice. The story is standard fare. Mai (Mitsuki Tanimura) in her disguise as Salvage Mice is in the business of stealing art treasures and returning them to their rightful owners. After a big museum heist, she’s betrayed by her old companion, Mariku (Tomohito Sato), who’s thrown in his lot with the baddies. Along the way she teams up with hot butt-kicking high schooler, Mio (Julia Nagano) and ultimately, gives Mariku and his gang their comeuppance. As this genre demands, critique lies less in story line and more in action sequences. The fight choreography of Fuyuhiko Nishi (High Kick Girl) is below grade B. I applaud non-CGI action work, but he could learn from watching Tsuyoshi Kaseda’s (Lone Wolf and Cub). work from 20 years ago. Tanimura is all pose and little skill, whereas Sato’s got the chops – she’s a karate pro – and could go a long way working with better material.

Originally published in EL Magazine, April 2012.


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