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Let’s Make the Teacher have a Miscarriage Club / 先生を流産させる会

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One must admit, Let’s Make the Teacher have a Miscarriage Club is a great title. Director Eisuke Naito should have put a little more thought into the rest of film. Discounting the low budget production values, that for this kind of film is a mark of cred, the film doesn’t even come close to transcending its clichés and comes off incredibly lame in the transgressiveness department.Ostensibly based on real events, the story follows a group of high school bad girls and their ringleader, Mizuki (Kaori Kobayashi). Mizuki’s all Children of the Corn-like scary with some kind of issues with her absent mother. The other girls fall easily under her spell. Target of their ever so slightly escalating sociopathy is their very nice and pregnant teacher, Sawako-san (Aki Mayata). As it all comes down, the saintly Sawako-san does miscarry and then goes a step beyond belief in doing the do for Mizuki’s redemption. Scares are few, clichés are numerous and emotional and/or intellectual connections are absent in this paint-by-number sub-high school schlock fest.

Originally published in EL Magazine, June 2012


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