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A Pale Woman / Sohakusha A Pale Woman / 蒼白者 A Pale Woman

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390978_464536493626387_535093250_nWhen Shu (Shugo Oshinari), the sensitive pianist was introduced as the old love interest of our heroine, Kim (Kim Kkobbi), I though that A Pale Woman would begin to drift off somewhere into the territory of Shoot the Piano Player or maybe Le Samourai. No such luck. The film drifted off somewhere… and kept drifting and drifting. Ill conceived, poorly shot, and generally mismanaged on all fronts, director Takuaki Tsunemoto’s attempt at contemporary noir pretty much fails on all levels. The byzantine plot revolves around Kim, a 20-something woman, who returns to Japan after years living in Korea to reunite with old love, Shu. Since she’s been gone there’s been a lot of unsavory things been going on in the dark underbelly of Osaka that all comes spewing up upon her return. Between the almost southern gothic family relationships, criminal goings-on, bad acting, an insane plot that twists and turns for no apparent reason, and other indescribable acts, Tsunemoto’s vision flounders in a churning mess of a movie. Should of stayed in Korea, Kim.

Originally published in EL Magazine, June 2013.


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