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Akaboshi / あかぼし

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BLRkbWQCQAAxwQiRyohei Yoshino’s thrilling feature film debut, Akaboshi, revolves around a woman (Romi Park), who in the throes of grief at the loss of her husband is taken in by a religious cult. Her new community offers genuine relief. But soon she begins losing it more and more. The crutch of the cult, petty rivalries and her steadfast refusal to meaningfully deal with her loss play havoc on her and her son’s lives. Her completely endearing son, Aren, bears witness to and is the brunt of her dangerous disengagement with reality. Through the cult, he meets Vlada, a just-teen girl who’s ready to fly the coup from her stifling, though oddly well-meaning parents. They run away. Well, at least she does. He’s still just a kid. He returns to take care of his mother. There’s not a false note in Yoshino’s direction or script. The casting is first class. Aren (his real name) takes on an incredibly difficult role and brings out nuances and devastatingly touching moments that only a brilliant 10-year old can do.

Originally published in EL Magazine, August 2013.


Written by Nicholas Vroman

August 1, 2013 at 4:51 am

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