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Enoshima Prism / 江ノ島プリズム

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250px-Enoshima_Prism-p1Hot on the heals of his gentle coming of age story, Taidachi no Shima Uta, Yasuhiro Yoshida’s released Enoshima Prism, a shaggy dog sentimental Groundhog’s Day variation. Three childhood friends, Shuta (Sota Fukushi, star of the Kamen Rider series), Saku (Shuhei Nomura) and Michiru (Tsubasa Honda), reach a turning point in their late teens. Actually, Saku dies unexpectedly. Shuta, though, stumbles upon a way to go back in time. He soon figures he can change the direction of events and maybe save his friend’s life. The film goes through a series of variations, where Shuta attempts to alter the course of history, despite the advice of ghost teen trapped in time, Kyogo (Honoko Mika). Somewhere in there are hints of a fairly chaste love triangle. And Yoshida throws in a few head-scratchers – a fireworks scene (why do filmmakers even try?) and something (maybe it worked on paper) involving people dressed in Indian regalia. Yoshida frosts his cake a little too much. Good ideas and good actors get a little bogged down in all the fluff.

Originally published in EL Magazine, August 2013

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