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Tomogui / 共喰い

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250px-Tomogui-p2With Tomogui, Shinji Aoyama misses again  with a potentially interesting Zola-esque tale of the propensity of violence to be passed down from father to son. Set in a backwater town in the late 80s, we’re introduced to teen-aged Toma (Masaki Suda) returning to his father’s (Ken Mitsuishi) home. Here he sees dissipated dad abusing his current lover (Yukiko Shinohara). Mom, now divorced, having only one hand and owning a fish shop (where nobody seems to go), offers worldly advice to young Toma. In the meantime, Toma’s got a brand new girl, sweet Chikusa (Misaki Kinoshita). Tomogui starts off well enough, with a cast of strong character actors, but soon begins a decline of predictability end ever-escalating histrionics that culminates in a laughable scene of Mom getting revenge on her ex after he rapes Chikusa – that is after she’s been abused by Toma. Aoyama does add a coda that cynically, and I must admit humorously, inflates a bit of all this genetically predisposed nonsense. But I don’t think that humor was what he was after.

Originally published in EL Magazine, September 2013.


Written by Nicholas Vroman

September 2, 2013 at 9:40 am

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