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Sanjinés Retrospective

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ukamau01Jorge Sanjinés, one of the most consistently brilliant practitioners of the Third Cinema movement, is getting a nearly complete retrospective at K’s Cinema, May 3 – 16. Third Cinema expounded an anti-Hollywood model of cinema that dealt with such issues as neo-colonialism, capitalism and racism. Sanjinés has been at the forefront since the beginning with his first short, Revolución (1962), a piece of Eisensteinian agit-prop that puts the struggle of indigenous people into a new revolutionary spotlight. His first features, Ukamau (1966) puts a fable of revenge into an anti-colonial context. His next, Blood of the Condor (1969) tells a neo-realist tale of a sisyphean struggle of a man to help his brother survive. Both are in indigenous languages. El coraje del pueblo (1971), found him developing a collective approach to filmmaking, recreating a tragic miners’ strike. His work since has been consistently been exploring the edges of political cinema. But what one is mainly left with are the beautiful faces that Sanjinés has committed to screen and the deep humanity that informs his political stance.

Originally published in EL Magazine, May 2014.


Written by Nicholas Vroman

May 12, 2014 at 2:49 am

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